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Crohns Disease Manager 2

2.72 usd

Organize your Crohns disease with the Crohns Disease Manager. With this app you always have the addresses of your doctors, your drugs and your medical history in your pocket. The centerpiece of the app is the Crohns disease diary. Here you can document your symptoms and complaints in detail, what may help your doctor to optimize your therapy. The different entries may be displayed in the Crohns disease calendar and in different charts. All data may be exported via email.Advantages:* Developed under supervision of a medical doctor.* We do not sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.
Disclaimer: This app is supposed for additional documentation only. It does not make any treatment proposals. You have to decide by yourself, wether you consult a medical doctor or not. A drug intake is expressly not to be deduced from the app. Despite the greatest care during the development of the program, we cannot completely rule out wrong informations, a faulty recording, displaying or a loos of your entered data. For that reason, the use of this app is at own risk. You must agree to that terms to download and install the app.